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What if you could bank 100% profits on EVERY single offer that you just went through in this sales funnel?

And what if you also had the ability to earn 100% recurring commissions on the offer you're viewing right here, right now?

That's a potential of $218 per customer you can earn straight into your paypal account—PLUS recurring monthly income.

Sounds incredible right?


The Reseller PRO License

The Reseller Pro License is a complete white-label resale rights solution for WP Site Launcher.

Once you become a Reseller PRO License member, we equip you with everything you need to start earning BIG on the HIGH-CONVERTING sales funnel you just went through:

You bank 100% profits on EVERYTHING including the membership site at the end of the sales funnel.

WP Site Launcher will sell like crazy to any list, in any niche.

Look at it this way:

The Internet RUNS on Wordpress.

It doesn't matter if you're selling to an IM list, a tech list, or even natural health – almost everyone who does business online uses Wordpress.

With Reseller Pro, you've got a winning product and a winning funnel to sell it.

The proof is you're here today because you saw a lot of value in this offer and you were willing to invest in it – and your customers will too!

It's a complete, plug-in and go sales funnel for one of the hottest Wordpress software launches ever.

Here Are Some Incredible Benefits When You Upgrade To Reseller PRO Today!

No Site Setup.

Don't want to set up your own new site (even though it IS way easier than ever before)?

No problem.

We took care of everything. All you've got to do is to send traffic to this proven high converting sales funnel and start making money!

Get Paid 100% Commissions On The WHOLE Sales Funnel.

That's right -- collect 100% commissions from each sale you generate.

We pay you the full price your customers paid for each item they purchase. See picture diagram below:

That's up to $218 in one time payment per customer you stand to earn just for sending traffic to it.

Collect RECURRING Commission On Reseller PRO Sales.

In addition to the one-time commissions from the main offers...

... you can also collect recurring income from buyers who go on to buy Reseller PRO.

Collect $47 a month or $57 bi-annually for as long as you're a Reseller PRO member!

The value is INSANE.

All Support And Customer Care Handled For You.

We manage all customer care, back-end tasks and support tasks in-house.

Never worry about customer complaints...

Our support team handles everything and replies to all email support requests.

... You get paid 100% commissions on each sale, regardless of what happens.

It's the easiest, most efficient sales funnel ever developed.

Instant Access to All Promotional Materials

We provide you with everything you need to kickstart your promotional campaign and start making money.

You'll instantly get access to the high-converting promotional emails, banner graphics, bonus page and so many more.

Earn 100% Profits on ALL Future Versions of WP Site Launcher

That's right!

Whether it be an upgraded version 2.0 or 3.0 we'll be releasing in the near future, you'll remain eligible to earn 100% profits on that new sales funnel as a Reseller PRO member.

You've the assurance you'll always be at the top of the game and you'll be constantly promoting an evergreen product that will keep pumping money into your bank account.

2 Ways To Get Reseller PRO

Choose your preferred enrolment plan:

$47 a Month.

If you're a little light on cash, you can always go with the $47-a-month option.

The $47 monthly option gives you the same benefits as the bi-annual option. The only difference is the total annual cost is higher, BUT in exchange, you only pay a small monthly price.

WP Site Launcher - Reseller PRO License (Monthly)

$57 Bi-Annually
(Save $450)

Pay $57 just twice a year, and save $450 on the cost of the monthly plan.

Full 100% commissions on the entire WP Site Launcher funnel and you only pay $57 bi-annually. This is definitely the very best offer!

WP Site Launcher - Reseller PRO License (Bi-Yearly)



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