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2 Great Ways To Boost Your Income With Developer License.

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Make $50 to $200 As Service Fee for
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Doing Wordpress setups is one of the best, easiest business models available online. Consultants regularly charge $50 to $200 for setting up a simple site.

But for some high-end themes, that setup process can be extremely time consuming.

Using WP Site Launcher on your installs saves you up to an hour's labor--or more.

Imagine being able to make anywhere from $50 to $200 for setting up their wordpress blog in a matter of seconds.

There are so many people who need this kind of service and that’s very easy money you can start making instantly.

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Sell Unlimited Sites On Flippa
For $100 - $500!

Flippa is the world's leading online marketplace for buying and selling websites.

Dozens of people buy and sell online businesses on Flippa, with top sites selling for $150,000 or more.

You can sell simple Wordpress sites on Flippa for $100-$500 -- but really, the sky is the limit. If you truly invest in making your site the best it can be, you could sell a site for $1000, $2000 or more.

These are just a few of the business models you can pursue with the Developer PRO License.

With a little creativity and imagination, the sky is the limit.

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Ability to Flip (Sell) UNLIMITED websites with the plugin installed.

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Right to charge ANY price for re-selling your site.

Offer WP Site Launcher as a 'value added' service for clients.

Charge any price for WP Site Launcher enhanced Wordpress development services.

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